Welcome to Philebus!
A Microsoft-free zone...

Actually, the bust isn't Philebus. It's Herakles. But he'll certainly do as an ersatz Philebus. (You'd at least have wondered if it was really Philebus if I hadn't told you, wouldn't you have?)

So who is Philebus, really? He's a character in Plato's dialog entitled, coincidentally, the Philebus. Philebus himself is not terribly remarkable; he's another of Socrates' many foils that make their appearances in Plato's dialogs. The Philebus itself is a lengthy defense of the superiority of intellectual activity over physical pleasure. What drew me to it, however, was not so much its main theme, but Plato's recurring, and highly suggestive, allusions to music, the infinite, and the problem of the one and the many, three subjects about which I am deeply passionate (i.e., I'll argue about them loudly if not effectively). So that's why my computer is Philebus's, or, at any rate, the dialog's, namesake.

Speaking of which: Philebus the computer is a 3.2GHz Dell Dimension 8400 running the Ubuntu distribution of the Linux operating system and the Apache http server. The person who stares at Philebus's monitor way too much and who also built this page and keeps referring to himself is Chris Menzel, who teaches in the philosophy department at Texas A&M University.

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