Common Logic Standard

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The ISO Common Logic effort

The ISO effort towards an international standard for Common Logic began in June 2003 with the approval of a New Work Item (NP) for Common Logic. This project was assigned to WG2 (Metadata) under SC32 (Data Interchange) of ISO/IEC JTC1. In October 2003, Harry Delugach was designated the editor for the standard. This effort ended on October 1, 2007 with the publication of the final standard.

A list of technical corrections is being prepared for approval. Corrections will be published in a Technical Corrigendum once they are all approved.

The CL mailing list, includes current working group participants and the archives of the email discussions.

Current CL status (as of 1-Oct-2007): ISO/IEC IS 24707:2007

Technical Corrigendum ISO/IEC IS 24707:2007/DCOR:1

Presentations and overview of the CL project

Background documents and related resources