BVC-CHAT Food Drive Wake Up Calls

drjinx at drjinx at
Mon Dec 8 16:28:11 CST 2003

Since this is so early, I will volunteer my services as the Friendly
Neighborhood Reminder Service to make early morning wake up calls
for up to 5 households.  Send me your phone number and I will
call you Wednesday morning to wake you up.  If more than 5 people
want wake-up calls, we are going to have to create a "phone tree", 5
is my limit for first thing in the morning.

I'm leaving my household at about 6-6:15 am to get my bike ready
and ride over, so phone calls will probably take place in
the 5:45 am vicinity.

No conversation, just a "Wake up for the food drive".

Phone numbers must be received in my email box by 5:00 pm on
Tuesday evening, although you can also make a request at the club
meeting Tuesday night.

-- Jean Marie

Details on the Food Drive:
> I just talked to KBTX and if we go through at 7:10 a.m. they should be  
> able to get us on the broadcast.  This is the same time as last year, so  
> we should follow the same procedure of meeting at the strip mall across  
> the street at 6:45 and rolling out around 7.  This will still be a few  
> minutes before sunrise, so lights are required.  The forecast is for  
> overnight low of 38, so dress warmly, BVC t-shirt on top, of course!
> Last year we donated $425.  This year we are already up to $530.11 -  
> thanks y'all!!
> Summary:
> What: BVC Food Drive donation
> When: Wednesday Dec 10, 6:45 a.m.
> Location: Assemble at strip mall on north side of Briarcrest, east of  
> Earl Rudder Freeway (aka Hwy 6)
> - CA

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