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Either would work for us.

Kris & Angela

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Why might you want to take such a course?  Here's what I wrote
to someone who asked what would be gained from it:

> You can take a look at the course descriptions here:
> We did a mix of road 1 and road 2 when we did the course last --
> the BVC riders are fairly advanced.
> I really enjoyed the course.  I expected a large amount of stuff
> that I already knew with some new gems thrown in.  On the contrary,
> I was engaged and learning new things or looking at things from
> a new perspective for most of the course.  There were some things
> I already knew, I've been bicycling for years, but Preston Tyree is
> really gifted at evaulating the level of his students and picking the
> right place to pitch things.
> These are some of the big items I took away from the course:  1) a
> knowledge of where and how most cycling accidents occur so that I
> could evaluate my riding and routes and act to minimize my danger 
> 2) learn and practice of a variety of on-bike skills, some of which
> I use daily and some of which I hope to need rarely, but in dangerous
> circumstances.  The ones used daily are starting from a stop without
> wobbling, looking behind while keeping a straight course. The ones
> that are hopefully more rare are panic stops and instant turns.  We
> also practiced group riding and riding with traffic.
> Some other things that come to mind: I also learned how to teach a
> child to ride, how to deal with a red light that will not detect a
> bicycle, and some other technicalities of  bicycling law.
> I think we skipped tire changing because we all knew
> how to do that.   There might be some mechanical stuff at a higher
> level at this course -- at the last one we discovered the locals
> are pretty technically adept.  
> Another advantage is if you do want to do the LCI training.  If you
> are a certified safety educator, your opinion should be given 
> correspondingly more weight in dealing with government on cycling
> safety issues -- on top of the opportunity to educate others.
> Since you ride around here, you know what kind of poor riding skills
> are observable on a daily basis.  

Background: we can have a Road 1 safety training
course here the weekend of Jan 10 or the weekend of Jan 31.
The course will have an in-class session on Friday 6-10pm, and a
mostly on the road session on Saturday, 8-2pm.

Cost for the 4 hour session is $35 (this is just the Friday session)
Cost for the 10 hour double session is $65 unless you are a member of
BVC, TBC or LAB in which case the cost is $50.

If your name is Kris, Angela, Laura, Regina or Nico, I need to
hear from you which weekend would work better for you.  Soon
I will need a registration form filled out and a deposit for
the course.

Others may be interested in the course, if so, please contact
me with a preferred weekend (if you have one).


Jean Marie

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