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Lisa Tauferner tauferner at
Thu Oct 27 10:28:34 CDT 2005

This Friday between 2-5pm at Surplus (in the
Purchasing bldg) on campus, Shawn and I will be there
to give away 14 bikes to Katrina evacuee students.
We'll try to get pictures too to share. 

I'd like to thank the following people for helping out
with this effort:

Regina Hokanson
Shawn Hokanson 
George Huebner
Jean Marie Linhart
Chris Mentzner
Michael Mertes
Rod Wagner at Aggieland Cycling

Thank you to everyone who supported the effort even
just through telling me you were busy but would love
to help otherwise.

As much stress as this effort sometimes caused, I
would do it again and would love to do something like
this again, maybe for the community at large.
Bicycling magazine has the Bike Town effort which
would be cool to duplicate on a much smaller scale:

Okay, off to hibernate off the listserv now until
further notice. 


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