BVC-CHAT Bike Giveway

Jean Marie Linhart jeanmarie at
Thu Oct 27 14:51:35 CDT 2005

Hi Anna,

If Jason would like to come talk to BVC about it, we'd love to have him
at a meeting (next on Nov 1 at 7:30 pm at the Blue Baker).

I think the biggest problem we faced in doing this was the rough state
of the bikes at purchasing.  They'd been left outside for so long,
there was little that was useable.

If I was to give advice to someone on doing this again, I think I would
suggest hounding acquaintances/coworkers and get those from the
organization who are involved with churches
to ask parishoners if they had bikes at home, perhaps needed minor
mechanical repair, but that were in reasonably good shape to donate.
I'd also see about getting something in the appropriate section of
the newspaper if this was a longer term project.  I think this
would yield a more manageable crop of bicycles requiring a lot
less sweat equity to get them rideable.

I think we (BVC) would be willing to purchase some helmets to go with
the bikes, if Jason wants to contact us when he has some numbers.

Jean Marie

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