BVC-CHAT Jerseys/Upcoming

Jean Marie Linhart jeanmarie at
Thu Sep 8 14:58:06 CDT 2005

Talked to VOmax today -- their digital printer is still having
a few problems, but we should see our proof Real Soon Now.


Don't forget the PMS ride this Saturday, 9 am meet at the
College Station High School Parking lot at Harvey Mitchell/Nueces.
This is a beginner friendly ride of 14-26 miles.  Men and women
(with helmets) are welcome.  No fancy bike is required, though
hopefully whatever bike you're riding will be in good mechanical
condition!  :)

Monday Social Ride still meets on Mondays, but PLEASE
bring headlights and taillights in addition to your helmets.
It is getting dark earlier.  This Means You.  6:30 pm at TAMUs
Research Park.

There is, of course, the usual Saturday Flagpole ride 8:45
am at TAMUs Flagpole.


Jean Marie

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