BVC-CHAT Bread and Butter

Jean Marie Linhart jeanmarie at
Wed Jan 11 21:39:17 CST 2006

I'm working on my "bread and butter" (a bread and butter letter is a 
thank you note!) info/article for Austin Cycling Association.  My
draft is here:

Proofreading would be welcome.  Also, if Lenae/Amy/Hays could take a look
and make sure I attributed photos and photographers correctly, it would
be appreciated.  ACA likes to attribute photos when they publish them...
not sure what they'll decide to take (if any) but best to be prepared.

This is also linked off of our main page on
and is destined for the scrapbook.


I'm going to see if we can hold the Feb. meeting at the Deluxe Diner if
that is good with everyone.

Don't forget our Jan meeting is next Tues, Jan 17.


Anaconda-blue Lisa (not Ms. Tauferner!) -- I'm interested in bike touring,
though I don't think I can do the month this summer.  I've done a 3 day
bike camping excursion from here to Austin (several years ago now), which
was a ton of fun.


Please send in pics of you with your new BVC jerseys.  I'll add some of the
Christmas bikes jersey pics to the jersey page too...


Jean Marie

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