BVC-CHAT rides on Saturday versus Sunday

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I'm not sure about more informal rides, but the MayDay Challenge, for instance, is held on Sunday for two reasons.  First, there is a lot less traffic on Sunday mornings than Saturday mornings.  Secondly, St. Joseph's Rehabilitation Center allows us unlimited use of its facilities on Sunday, but not Saturday.  Saturday they have patients.  Thus, on Sunday we have unlimited parking, showers, a massage area, etc.

BTW:  A couple of friends and I are planning on riding out to Carlos and up past Mt. Pleasant cemetery on Saturday.  We will leave at 2 and probably be at the corner of Greens Prairie and Hwy 30 around 2:30.  Anyone is free to join us.


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Why are more cycling events not held on Saturdays rather than Sundays?

I can participate in cycling events held on Saturdays (like HH 100), but because of other obligations, not on Sundays.

It seems to me that there are many one day events that could just as well be scheduled for a Saturday as a Sunday.

Is it just because Sundays are a free day for most cyclists?  (I would think that Saturdays would be a free day for most too).

I mainly just wanted to express my preference for Saturdays, and if there is a choice between having them scheduled on a Saturday or a Sunday, put in my vote for more of them to be scheduled on Saturdays.

Layne Westover

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