BVC-CHAT Wipperman 10sp chains

Kevin Baker baker at
Fri Jun 9 14:28:47 CDT 2006

> I was reading some stuff on the web
>that long soaks in Simple Green == chain breakage.  
yes, soaking (a well used chain) in any water based solution == chain 
breakage.  From experience, I wouldn't recommend passive soaking at 
all.  You can get your chain clean enough just by immersing it and using 
a brush.  And if you keep up with it, i.e. wipe it down every few rides, 
you may not even need to do that.  The chain doesn't have to look 
showroom new to be clean enough to avoid excessive wear.  Once you have 
most of the grime off of it, the rest is just cosmetic (and a waste of 
time, imo).

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