BVC-CHAT Xtracycle spotted in College Station, TX

Lisa Tauferner tauferner at
Wed Sep 5 12:19:30 CDT 2007

Interesting, what was he carting, if anything. Looks good, but can you cart a kayak? I need a bike for that.
Thomas Woodfin <thomaswoodfin at> wrote:
  Yep, I know him - he lives very near me. Told me someone gave him a "Huzzah for Xtracycle!" this morning at the corner of Deacon & Welsh - was that you? 

He's just started commuting on it and when he's got a week or so of experience to share, I bet he'd be willing to post to BVC-CHAT. 


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I was so psyched! I saw a guy on an Xtracycle ( ) headed up Welsh toward campus this
morning. Woo woo!

I've seen some in Austin. This is my first CS sighting. Anyone know
who that is?!?

Jean Marie (who really does want her own Sport Utility Bicycle)
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