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Thu Sep 13 17:01:30 CDT 2007

Speaking from a material mechanics background -- It's hard to believe that
regular wear and tear (e.g. shifting) would cause the derailleur hanger to
"shear" off like that. Have you changed your chain recently? If a link
locked up somehow (or it may have been a pulley bearing), it could have
caused the chain to jump off the pulleys, get lodged, and pull the
derailleir backwards, and over the cassette and into the spokes etc. Bikes
are mysterious beasts at times...

At any rate, sorry to hear about the accident.

On 9/13/07, Chris Menzel <cmenzel at> wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 03:19:53PM -0500, Josh Benn wrote:
> > I had a bit of a tumble last night when my rear derailleur hangar
> > sheared in half causing my derailler and chain to get caught up in my
> > spokes and slamming me to the ground.  After a couple of cuts, a
> > chipped tooth, some nice road rash, a VERY sore shoulder, a good size
> > swelling on my head, a trip to the ER, x-rays, a CT scan, and a couple
> > of vicoden, im up and moving.
> Sorry to hear that, Josh.  Sounds like the damage is, fortunately,
> relatively minor -- not that that helps much in the short term!
> -chris
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