BVC-CHAT Encounters with motorists

Jean Marie Linhart jmlinhart at
Tue Sep 25 14:54:36 CDT 2007

Matt the Hatt wrote:
> I was dead serious about what I was saying, I have had the chance to get a
> good bit of practice and I think this is the way to go.

I hope that was just unintentional black humor.  ("dead" serious)

I think most of us tend to prefer to avoid practice like that -- we
hope to continue to take your word for it!  If I've translated your
post correctly, this is why we teach/practice the "instant turn" in
Road 1 -- so you can turn quickly with a vehicle that attempts to turn
onto you.  We also practice quick stop, rock dodge, and the very
necessary skill of looking behind without swerving the bike.

I tend to watch drivers pretty carefully, with knowledge of what their
most frequent mistakes are, and thus far, I have been able to avoid
any hood surfing -- perhaps not only due to my vigilance but also due
to the motorists in my vicinity fortunately realizing their own
mistakes before it was too late.

Jean Marie

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