[BVC-CHAT] Monday ride time

Riggs, David daver at tamu.edu
Mon Aug 25 15:32:53 CDT 2008

If I recall, it was an issue within /etc and the config files. I'll dig
around some more and see what was up. Really that was the only roadblock
I had aside from how the site should look.

The idea would be to have multiple contributors to the site adding
articles, rides, etc.

Maybe once we get through the first week of classes I'll hop back on the

-- Dave

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On Aug 25, 2008, at 1:46 PM, Riggs, David wrote:
> That is correct. I don't really have time to cram in another site to  
> maintain. Ideally I think some form of blog software (Wordpress)  
> would work well for the site. I played with it some awhile back, but  
> didn't have much luck with permissions on the server. Chris, I'd  
> have to jog my memory on what the issue was when I tried to install  
> Wordpress on philebus.

You are (and have been) an unrestricted sudoer on philebus, Dave, so  
you have (via sudo) root powers.

Wordpress appears to be installed.  Now get to work! :-)


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