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Ryan Brown garthhog at
Fri Jan 4 17:10:43 CST 2008

I just returned from yet "winderful" ride, solo, on SH47. God decided to get
exciting today and change the direction of the soul-sapping "training
opportunity" to a southerly direction. I have had a lot of time lately to
ponder just how awesome a tailwind can be, and also how effectively a
headwind can slowly drain my will to live (or at least pedal). One of my
depressing epiphanies came as I was churning up one of those rollers into a
headwind. I realized that a tailwind does not help you nearly as much as a
headwind can hurt you. I came to this realization after I looked at my
average speed. It was depressing and embarrassing. I suppose I should ignore
that particular feature of my computer.


At another point down the road, as I was churning along in the soul-crushing
direction, I notice that my heart rate was lower than I expected,
considering how hard it felt like I was turning the cranks. As hard as I was
trying to work, my legs just wouldn't do it. It was likely due to the pain
in my lower back, which gets considerably worse when I have been fighting a
headwind. At this point, I began to wonder how much of my inability to work
harder, go faster, and feel better was psychological, and how much of it was
actually physically due to fighting the wind.


So, how much does a headwind tend to slow you down? How much of this slow
down is due to the extra physical demand of fighting the wind, and how much
is psychological? What can I do about this nagging pain in my lower back
that tends to start around mile 20 and gets progressively worse, especially
when I have to fight the wind?



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