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I know there are Shimano to Campy converter cassettes, but not aware of
the opposite.


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hey matt, I have barrowed a wheel to use on my trainer and i have a ten
speed cassette for it. However the wheel had a campy nine speed. My
shimino cassette won't fit on that hub. I was wondering if there was a
way I could put a shimino (free?) hub on there without taking the wheel




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	The problem I have is the "Could have endangered..." 
	I think If someone wants to get away from the cops so bad they
should either be let go 
	or if the cops need to stop them so bad shoot them with a real
	just a little something else...
	The police are a para-military org so why can they use hollow
point bullets when troops cant? For a soldier to use a soft point or
hollow point bullet is a war crime under the Geneva Conventions (its
because of something stupid like they kill people to good)
	Just thinking in text when I should be asleep,
	Matt the "All's fair in love, war and sprints, or almost it
seems" Hatt

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	Hamilton City (near Chico, CA) takes its cycling with lights
laws seriously!





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