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Matthew Hattaway cycleguy2300 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 11:20:49 CST 2009


1. General Requirements
All bicycles parked, stored, or operated on Texas A&M University property
must be
registered with Transportation Services. New employees and students are
to register before their first day of employment or classes. Bicycles that do
not display a
valid TAMU permit will be impounded. The bicycle owner/claimant must pay the
impoundment fee to reclaim their bicycle.
2. Cost of a permit is $10.00
3. Issuance of Permits
a. Transportation Services is the sole campus unit authorized to issue bicycle
parking permits.
i. Permits will be issued only after submission of a completed on‐line
registration form.
3. Term of Bicycle Permit
Registrations are valid for two years. Bicycle permits are non‐refundable.
Permits are
assigned to the registrant only and are not transferable to another person.
Fines, fees,
and or assessments for registration, impound, parking fees, parking citations
and traffic
citations incurred are the responsibility of the permit registrant.
4. Replacement Permits: Sold or Traded Bicycles
Failure to advise Transportation Services of a sale or trade of a registered
bicycle will
result in continued responsibility of the registrant for citations issued to
that permit and
bicycle. The registrant is responsible for removing bicycle permits prior to
selling or
trading the bicycle and the purchaser is responsible for obtaining the proper

This is page 7. You will have to buy a permit to even so much as operate your
bike on campus.
That means flagpole rides, riding through campus on the way to work. riding on
campus just because it's a nice place with lights at night.
You dont need a permit to walk on campus, or to drive on campus. This proposal
will discourage people from riding bikes to, from and on campus. Is this how
they want to go about reducing car usage? 

This would affect more than the student body. it would mean people that
live near campus and want to ride around on campus or park their bike
and walk would need a permit.

The $10 every two years is not
enough to provide any new or improved services. You can park more than
ten bikes in one car parking spot, I would support this IF the permit
would be for several hundred bike racks on the top covered floors of
each parking garage. Why should cyclists be forced to pay money for a
sticker, even cars can operate on campus with out a permit. We, a
minority of the general population, will be forced to pay for the
privilege of exercising our right to public roads.

At the bottom of the proposal is this:

Please send all comments or suggestions to:
Rodney E. Weis
Executive Director
Transportation Services
rweis at tamu.edu

Please tell him how bad this is. If they are charging for bikes, why not shoes
or skateboards? How about only charging (even more, $20/year) for garage parking. Depending on what they charged they could make more than what they do for cars and reduce car usage.

Matt the "aut concilio aut ense" Hatt

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