[BVC-CHAT] [Riders] [BVC-INFO] 20-30 mile ride Sunday

Wolfgang Bangerth bangerth at math.tamu.edu
Sun May 3 17:20:11 CDT 2009

> good quarter mile before Allen Academy!  You're just whingeing because
> you couldn't shake me off once we caught you and then couldn't follow
> me when I attacked you before the turn into the parking lot! :-)

Oh, had it not been for two helpful stop lights you would never have been 
there in the first place. The three of us at the front had a nice rotation 
and those of you at the back had nothing to match our speed. Get used to 
the idea that you only got back by sheer luck.

That Ken would win was a done deal anyway. I tried to work hard in the 
rotation for most of the day, but I'm humbled by Ken being in the rotation 
*all day* and still having to power to get away.


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