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Brett texafornia at gmail.com
Mon Oct 17 11:33:26 CDT 2011

Hey, everybody!  Just a head's up that we're doing the Ironbaby this Friday
to raise money for a local kid in the hospital.  The bike portion is 4 laps
of a 28 mile loop on the south side of College Station.  This is not a race!
 It's just for fun, and anybody is welcome to come out and join in for just
a lap, or as much of it as they want to do.  The more people and fun we
have, the more money we raise for Mikey.

Here is a map of the course http://www.zentriathlon.com/ironbaby/ along with
all the information about Mikey and how we help.

The only reason that we do it on a Friday instead of Saturday is because we
need a pool that's open early in the morning to do the swim.  But if you
look at the upside, it's a great reason to escape some work for a while and
go bike.

There are no worries about if you're a fast biker or not.  We have some
exceptionally fast people and also plenty of slower ones, so you can get in
whatever kind of ride you want and don't worry about how fast you're going.
 It looks like the weather is going to be great, so just a bike cruise at an
easy pace sure sounds like fun!

The "aid station" for the bike and then the run will be based around 4412
Pickering Place.  It's self-supported, so you just bring what you want and
use it right out of your car or the house or the garage.  The bike ride will
start around 7:30 AM and the running will probably start around 2 or 3.

The run is 9 laps, so you can just run a lap (any lap with anybody) or do as
much or as little as you want.  Towards the end, we start to get people out
on the street corners cheering as we go by, so it's definitely lots of fun.

As a bonus, Freebirds is on board to cater some burritos and such at the aid
station.  Let me know if you're coming to hang out, cheer, or do some of it
so we can give them numbers of how many people are coming.

If you're down with doing some or all of the Ironbaby, just let me know and
I'll give you more info.  And thanks!

- Brett

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