[CL] Newbie question about the "puns"

John F. Sowa sowa at bestweb.net
Sun Jan 14 10:34:01 CST 2007


CL has *no* built-in syntax of any kind.  The main part
of the document has only an abstract syntax that is
independent of any concrete implementation.

Then the annexes present three different concrete notations:
CLIF in Annex A, CGIF in Annex B, and XCL in Annex C.  Any
of them could be used to represent CL semantics, or you could
define any other concrete syntax you prefer.

 > I'm curious on whether the concept of lisp macros can be,
 > or has been, applied to languages like KIF and IKL, as
 > a way to reduce the number of parens for human readability
 > (and maybe speakability?).

That could be done.

However, if you want speakability, it would be far better
to use a syntax based on an actual spoken language, such
as English -- for example, CLCE (pronounced CELL-see):

    Common Logic Controlled English

CLCE is a formal language that can be mapped to and from
any concrete notation for CL, including CLIF, CGIF, or XCL.
But as an English-like language, it can be spoken or generated
automatically for transmission via telephone.

That document, which was written in 2004, is badly in need of
updates, but it gives you an idea of what can be done.

John Sowa

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