[SCL] iSight and SubEthaEdit

Chris Menzel cmenzel at tamu.edu
Wed Jan 7 17:26:58 CST 2004


As I noted to John and Pat today (who asked me to send around some
info), with a Mac of any recent model and vintage there are amazing
resources for remote collaboration.  Two in particular, used together,
are exceptionally robust:  An iSight camera and the SubEthaEdit editor.

Together with the version of iChat that comes with Mac OS X 10.3
("Panther"), an iSight enables real time video conferencing.  The
picture quality is remarkable smooth, and the audio (esp with a decent
headset) is excellent.

SubEthaEdit is a FREE (soon to be open source) collaborative editor.
One party can bring up a document and make it accessible on the net, and
others who have the IP of the first party can bring up the same buffer
at remote locations.  Collaborators in a given group are identified, and
each collaborator's cursor and edits are marked in a different color.
Each can watch -- and revise! -- what the others are doing.  Pretty
amazing stuff.  Put this together with an iSight and there is basically
no need to be in the same physical location to have fully robust,
real-time collaborative editing sessions.

These are frankly the best reasons I know for buying a Mac.  (Though I
can think of about a hundred lesser reasons!)  For more info see
http://www.apple.com/ichat and http://www.codingmonkeys.de/subethaedit.


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